Cast of Characters

Dorthon’s Current Party


Halfling, Level 1 Adventurer

Dorthon is an orphan raised in Candlekeep by his foster father, Gorion. Instead of learning academic skills, Dorthon spent his time practising how to get into areas he wasn’t supposed to.


Wolf, Pet

Haiass is Dorthon’s pet that he raised from a pup. Haiass managed to follow Dorthon when he left Candlekeep.

Will Scarlet O’Hara

Human, Level 2 Luring Piper

Will offered to show Dorthon’s party around Beregost. He then asked to join his party, as he was keen to go adventuring.


Gnome, Level 2 Artificier

Aura has travelled all the way from Kozakura in Kara-Tur after a tragic event. She hopes to find another person from Kara-Tur and has joined with Dorthon in the hopes they find him while he travels the Sword Coast.


Clockwork Squirrel, Container

Muffy is a clockwork squirrel created by Aura that likes to “eat” gems. It seems to have a mind of its own, but it’s not clear if it’s actually sentient.


Human, Level 1 Acrobat

Garrick recruited Dorthon’s party to help Silke. However it turned out Silke was trying to trick the party into committing murder, so afterwards Garrick asked if he could join Dorthon instead. If Imoen didn’t find him so cute Dorthon may not have accepted him.


Gnome, Level 1 Glyphscribe of Deneir

As a follower of Deneir, Finch collects and consumes all books that she can find. She went to Beregost to arrange the purchase of a rare book.

Once there she saw Dorthon again, this time being attacked by the assassin, Karlat. She helped defeat the assassin, then asked if she could join Dorthon in the hopes of uncovering some rare books.

She ultimately wishes to start a library in Nashkel, to help educate people as Deneir would want her to.


Dwarf, Level 1 Mercenary

Kagain used to hire mercenaries to protect caravans travelling from Amn to Baldur’s Gate. After finding out that Entar Silvershield’s caravan had been attacked by bandits, and all the occupants killed, Kagain decided to join Dorthon so he could get revenge on the bandits of the Sword Coast.



Halfling, Level 1 Assassin

Montaron and his companion Xzar wanted to go to Nashkell to meet Berrun Ghastkill and find who is to blame for the iron shortage. They agreed to go with Dorthon to the Friendly Arm Inn in return for him accompanying them to Nashkel.

Currently enjoying a few drinks at the Friendly Arm Inn.


Human, Level 1 Necromancer

Xzar and his companion Montaron wanted to go to Nashkell to meet Berrun Ghastkill and find who is to blame for the iron shortage. They agreed to go with Dorthon to the Friendly Arm Inn in return for him accompanying them to Nashkel.

Currently babbling to himself in the Friendly Arm Inn


Dwarf, Level 1 Priest of Haela

Helga is hunting an ogre chieftain that lives to the north of a gnoll stronghold. She died at the hands of the hobgoblin that stole Joia’s ring.

Deaths: 1

Currently recovering from the battle with the hobgoblins at the Friendly Arm Inn.


Human, Level 3 Blade

Eldoth wishes to “rescue” his lover, Skie, from the Silvershields, then extort them for money as if it was a kidnapping.

Both Imoen and Sandrah don’t like the cut of his gib. Khalid also doesn’t trust in the morality of Eldoth’s plan.

Currently trying to entertain people at the Jovial Juggler.


Level 3 Militia Officer

Khalid and Jaheira are old friends of Gorion’s who would have taken Dorthon in in the event of his father’s death. Given that Dorthon is an adult now, they have decided to travel with him for the foreseable future.

They suggested travelling to Nashkel to investigate the iron shortage there.

Currently waiting for Dorthon in the Jovial Juggler.


Level 3 Forest Druid

Khalid and Jaheira are old friends of Gorion’s who would have taken Dorthon in in the event of his father’s death. Given that Dorthon is an adult now, they have decided to travel with him for the foreseable future.

They suggested travelling to Nashkel to investigate the iron shortage there.

Currently waiting for Dorthon in the Jovial Juggler.


Human, Level 2 Conjurer

Imoen is a friend of Dorthon’s and the ward of Winthrop, working at the Candlekeep Inn. She followed Dorthon and Gorion when they left the Keep and after witnessing Gorion’s murder she swore to stick by her childhood friend.

Currently waiting for Dorthon in the Jovial Juggler.


Rakshasa, Level 2 Naztharune Ranger

Verr’Sza is a raksasha that was turned to stone and was to be sold as an ornament in a museum. Khalid rescued him, and Dorthon helped him find the buyer and paid him in steel.

Verr’Sza has agreed to help Dorthon find his father’s killer, but has made it clear he will not become a puppet.

Currently licking his wounds in Kagain’s Shop.

Important Characters


Human, Noble

Algernon is staying at Feldepost’s Inn.


Human, Messenger

Andout was a messenger who wanted to tell Governer Kelddath in Beregost that it must be garrisoned in case of Amnian attack.


Human, Hunter

Aoln is a former adventurer who once lost his entire party in a “glorious” ogre hunt.

Armoured Figure

Unknown Race, Murderer

The armoured figure killed Gorion. Dorthon now seeks him out in order to gain justice.

Bentley Mirrorshade

Gnome, Innkeeper

Bentley owns and runs the Friendly Arm Inn. He doesn’t like Eldoth, who apparently owes him a lot of money after a very drunken “performance” in the bar.


Human, Messenger

Binkos was delivering a message to the Grand Duke about the bandit raids near Beregost.


Dwarf, Angry Smith

Braegar is an angry dwarf that sometimes visits Candlekeep. His errand boy, Adam, disappeared with his book and asked Dorthon to find him. Dorthon retrieved the book and they enjoyed a drink together, after which Braegar invited him to visit at the Thunder Hammer Smithy in Beregost.

Caravan Bandit Leader

Human, Caravan Bandit Leader

This was the leader of the bandits that raided Entar Silvershield’s caravan.


Human, Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Chase was considering jumping from the cliffs near the Lion’s way until Dorthon and Imoen talked him out of it. He decided he’s sick of coming all the way out here every time so considered asking his mumsey to build some cliffs closer to town.


Half-Orc, Bar Patron

A rather rude half-orc who drinks alone in the Friendly Arm Inn.


Human, Farmhand

Dreppin takes care of the dairy cows in Candlekeep.


Human, Drunk

Dunkin is Marl’s friend, who helped Dorthon to talk him down and avoid a fight he couldn’t win.



Silke tried to trick Dorthon’s party into killing Faltis and his friends.

Firebead Elvenhair

Human, Mage

Firebead is a wizard that visits Candlekeep from time to time. Dorthon would often run errands for him.


Human, Watcher

Fuller is a Watcher in Candlekeep, and is impressed with Hull’s ability to drink.


Human, Watcher

The Gatewarden helped to train Dorthon in the art of combat.

Gellana Mirrorshade

Gnome, Priest

Gellana Mirrorshade runs the Temple of Wisdom inside the Friendly Arm Inn.

Golin Vend

Human, Commoner

Golin Vend is a friend of Will Scarlet’s who returned his ring to him.


Human, Drunk

Gyllian hangs out at Feldepost’s Inn, and enjoys having a few drinks when she does so.


Human, Folk Singer

Hephis enjoys a bit of singing and merriment at Feldepost’s Inn.


Human, Watcher

Hull is a soldier who enjoys a couple of drinks every now and again.


Human, Kid

Jase witnessed the bandit attack on Entar Silvershield’s caravan in Coast Way.


Human, Ringbearer

Joia lost her ring to some hobgoblins near the Friendly Arm Inn. Dorthon and his party retrieved the ring for her, although this was at the expense of Helga’s life.


Human, Bar Patron

Jopi is a patron of the Friendly Arm Inn who doesn’t believe Dorthon’s party have proven their worth.


Human, Monk

Karan is a monk that lives in Candlekeep and was a tutor to Dorthon.


Human, Traveller

Kolssed gave Dorthon’s party some advice about strangers on the road.

Kurtz Goldenaxe

Dwarf, Merchant

A merchant who sells his wares round the back of the Temple of Wisdom in the Friendly Arm Inn.



Landrin is from Beregost, and is staying in the Friendly Arm Inn until she can be sure her home is rid of spiders.


Dwarf, Trader

Maltz sells magical weapons in the Friendly Arm Inn.


Human, Drunk

Marl is a farmer local to Beregost, who lost his son after he became an adventurer. He attacked Dorthon as he blamed all adventurers for his son’s death, but Dorthon was able to talk him down and they toasted to his son’s life together.


Human, Bartender

Nessie has worked for the Mirrorshades at the Friendly Arm Inn for over five years. She is happy there and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Human, Illusionist

Obe is a human illusionist who uses his abilities for real-life battle simulations.

Old Man

Human, Nosey Person

Dorthon met this man on the way to the Friendly Arm Inn. He seemed a little too interested in Dorthon’s well-being.


Human, Sage

Parda is a sage that lives in Candlekeep.


Halfling, Grump

Perdue is a halfling that hangs out in the Red Sheaf. He lost his sword to a gnoll, and has offered a small reward for its return.


Human, Forgetful Historian

Phlydia is a regular visitor to Candlekeep who is a little absent-minded. Dorthon would often help her find books she had misplaced.

Ratava Artsym

Human, Priest

Ratava sells magical items in the Temple of Helm at the Friendly Arm Inn.



Recorder is set to go on an expedition to Ulcaster with Sir Mark.


Dwarf, Rat Hunter General

Reevor helps keep the rat population of Candlekeep under control. Mainly by having Dorthon kill them.

Raleo Windspear

Human, Storyteller

Raleo likes to travel, meet people, and share stories. He’s currently staying at the Red Sheaf in Beregost.

Seini Korasu

Human, Kara-Tur Merchant

Seini has asked for help in retrieving his Bag of Red from a shipwreck that may be swarming with sirens.

Sintara Al-Mustafa

Human, Merchant

A merchant from Calimport who hangs out around the Temple in the Friendly Arm Inn.


Human, Blacksmith

Surrey was an apprentice to Taerom Fuiruim in Beregost, but he left for greener pastures due to the iron crisis.


Human, mage

Tethoril is a mage that lives and works in Candlekeep.

Thorengrim Hammerfist

Dwarf, Merchant

Thorengrim sells weapons and armour from inside the Friendly Arm Inn.


Halfling, Author

Unshey, an author staying at the Friendly Arm, had the unfortunate mishap of bumping into an ogre with a belt fetish. She has offered a reward for the return of her belt.

After Dorthon and his party returned the belt, she gave them some extra money for a bath.


Human, Innkeeper

Winthrop is a professional prankster and owner of the only Inn in Candlekeep.



Human, Level 3 Fighter, Level 2 Priestess of Mystra

Sandrah knows Gorion and seems to know Dorthon and Imoen. Dorthon found her by Gorion’s corpse so he doesn’t 100% trust her.

She is definitely, in no way, in any universe, is there even a chance, that she is Elminster’s Daughter. Nope.

She had a whiny hissy fit when Dorthon asked her to wait before travelling again, and stormed off never to be seen again.

Deceased Characters


Human, Assassin

Carbos tried to succeed where Shank failed. He failed.


Human, Mage

Gorion was the foster father of Dorthon, raising him as if he were his own child. He was killed by a strange man with glowing eyes, who was actually in pursuit of Dorthon.


Dwarf, Assassin

Karlat attempted to assassinate Dorthon when he walked into the Red Sheaf in Beregost.

He failed.


Human, Assassin

Shank was the first person to try and assassinate Dorthon. Shank is now the first person Dorthon ever killed.


Human, Thespian Extraordinaire

Silke tried to trick Dorthon’s party into killing some innocent men so she could steal from them. The party saw through her ruse, however, and she ended up being killed instead.


Human, Assassin

Tarnesh tried to kill Dorthon on the steps of the Friendly Arm Inn. He failed.