Dream Diary: Stargate

People of another world arrested me and Samantha Carter and locked us in some kind of van. We could see that two men were patrolling outside, guarding us. We discussed how to escape, but we knew that it was possible we were on another world. Escaping would only mean we were still trapped.

I managed to break out of the van and disable one of the guards. I took his gun and started firing it at the other guard. The gun was some kind of energy weapon designed to incapacitate rather than kill. It needed constant firing to hold a target. I kept firing at the other guard as Carter and I fled.

We managed to make radio contact with Teal’c and O’Neill who told us that a nearby Stargate to Earth would open soon. Carter had a scanner on her that she could use to locate the Stargate and see when it would dial up. It also showed a ship warp into orbit and descend on our position. Pursued by ground troops and with a ship bombarding us we ran into a forest in search of the gate.

The gate’s position seemed to be moving, but with 14 seconds to spare we found the gate. The event horizon hadn’t formed yet. We considered giving the enemy the runaround for a few more seconds until the gate opened. But what if they decided to stay and guard the gate?

The gate seemed to open early. We weren’t sure if it was open early enough but the enemy was closing in so we took a chance and jumped through.

Meanwhile in space O’Neill and Teal’c seemed pissed at being left behind. “Fine!”, said O’Neill, “We’ll do it ourselves!” The gate was now spinning through space next to them. They opened the gate and floated through.