Inner Mongolia



Ordos is know as one of China’s “ghost cities”.  It was built with the intention of housing millions of people, instead it only houses thousands.

If you’ve lived in China for a while, Ordos is strange.  People do live there, and there are a fair number of people wandering around, but the roads are nearly empty, there aren’t people trying to shove past you at every opportunity, and there’s free transportation with room for everyone on board.

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While in Inner Mongolia we had the opportunity to try Mongolian food.  It was pretty expensive for Chinese food but we were in the middle of nowhere and pretty damn hungry so the only place we could find was this tourist trap.

One of the various foods made from milk.

They started by serving us Mongolian tea.  Once again I was reminded of Tibet – turns out Mongolians drink butter tea as well.

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Mausoleum of Genghis Kahn

Near the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia can be found the Mausoleum of Genghis Kahn.  This is not the resting place of Genghis Kahn, since it is unknown where his remains actually lie.  Rather, it is a collection of his treasures and  a holy place.

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