Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy


While in Guangzhou we visited the Huangpu Military Academy (黄埔军校 or Huángbù jūnxiào) on Chuangzhou Island. We were dropped off at the Huangpu docks where the academy gets its name. Then we paid a total of 2 RMB (around 19 pence) to get on board the boat to the island.

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NanHai (South Sea) God Temple

Main Entrance to NanHai

During the Dragon Boat Festival this year, my girlfriend and I decided to visit her father in Guangzhou. Her father buys and sells fish in China, and Guangzhou is the place to buy fish in China. Naturally he took us to visit the NanHai God temple.

The NanHai, or South Sea, God Temple (南海神庙 or Nánhǎi shén miào) located in Guangzhou is a non-Buddhist temple dedicated to the god of the South China Sea.

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